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Not only do we stock a wide range of airsoft guns and tactical gear but we also stock airsoft accessories and add ons including:

  • Batteries

    Batteries (66)

    Airsoft Batteries are made up of a number of chemical compounds - Each type has its benefits and disadvantages. The most common types are NiMh (Nickel-metal Hydride), Lipo (Lithium Polymer), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphate), NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium) and so many more. The most common types that can be found in Airsoft are LiPo, Li-Ion, Coin and NiMh batteries. <b><u><a href="">LiPo </a>& <a href="">Li-Ion</a> Batteries</u></b> These are the top of the tree (along with LiFe) when it comes to the latest and greatest of rechargeable battery tech - These are not only used in Airsoft RIF's but can also be found in RC cars, Powertools, Mobile phones and camcorders. Whilst these batteries are very lightweight, compact, thrive with high discharge rates and have a high power density they do need to be handled with care. These batteries are very delicate and require special circuitry to "protect" the battery to prevent them from critically failing. Cells are 3.7v and can normally be found in configurations of 7.4v, 11.1v and 14.4v PRO's - The lightest and most compact batteries available, High power, High Cell voltage, High capacity CON's - Expensive to produce, delicate, can explode if misused!! <b><u>NiCd Batteries</u></b> These are the grandfather of batteries as this tech has been around for a long time. They also come in some of the most widely used batteries configurations such as AA, AAA and C cell batteries used in a lot of our home appliances. They are not used as much now due to the NiMH batteries having a much larger power density, however as still on the market as they are very inexpensive to produce - You will tend to find them in lower end RIFs where performance is not as important as the price point. These batteries are 1.2v and often bundled in packs of 3 to make 3.6v. PRO's - Inexpensive, rugged, available in standard sizes, easy to recharge CON's - Low power density, can require a full discharge and then recharge to recover the batteries memory, contain toxic metals <b><u><a href="">NiMh </a>Batteries</u></b> Whilst these are still an older tech battery (newer than NiCd) they have become the industry standard for Airsoft. Lots of RIFs are supplied with these batteries and they offer a good level of performance when compared to their cost. They are a good option for new players as they are more rugged than LiPo's and Li-Ion's and do not require any special circuitry to prevent the battery from failing. The cell voltage is 1.25v so between Alkalines (1.5v) and NiCads (1.2v). PRO's - A good starter and all-round battery, high power density, a "Gold Standard" in the Airsoft world, easy to recharge, rugged CON's - More expensive than NiCd, the batteries "life" is not as long, self-discharge quickly over time <b><u>LiFe  Batteries</u></b> These batteries have a specific capacity that is larger than a standard Li-ion, however, the energy density is a lot less. This is because LiFe has a much lower operating voltage (this could also be an advantage) PRO's - Lighter, very slow self-discharge rate, No "memory" effect CON's - Start to degrade as soon as they leave the factory, sensitive to high temperature, can not run to very low voltages, can explode if charged/ discharged incorrectly
  • Velcro Patches

    Velcro Patches (368)

    Embroidered and Rubberised Velcro patches for personalising gear and clothing - These patches include both team/ID patches and morale patches. <b><u>Embroidered Patches</u></b> - Constructed from tough cotton with a hook and loop backing these patches are made up of a number of stitches that come together to make up an image. These patches are flexible and lightweight and can be used to accessories any gear or clothing.   <b><u>PVC Patches</u></b> - Constructed from PVC and using a cut mould these patches are also backed with hook and loop. The advantage of these patches over classic embroidered patches is that they are waterproof. They are slightly less flexible and can have vivid colours but are susceptible to being bleached by the sun or warped by heat
  • Chargers

    Chargers (8)

    Airsoft Chargers are a very important part of taking good care of your airsoft batteries. A charger is important not only to charge up your batters but also to discharge (NiMh) and also balance charge (LiPo). There are a wide range of chargers on the market - From basic plug and play chargers to more advanced multi sock/plug chargers. Be sure to make sure that you are also using the right accessories when charging your batteries like <a href="">Airsoft Battery Charging Harness</a> and <a href="">LiPo Fire Safety Bag</a> bags
  • Magazines

    Magazines (306)

    Airsoft Wholesale UK stock a wide range of Airsoft Magazines for: <ul> <li>AEG - Automatic Electric Guns</li> <li>GBB - Gas Blow Back Guns</li> <li>Spring - Sniper rifles, shotguns</li> <li>Shotgun Shells Style</li> </ul> Airsoft Wholesale UK also stock a wide range of brands including: <ul> <li>JG</li> <li>CYMA</li> <li>E&C</li> <li>Tokyo Marui</li> <li>King Arms</li> <li>WE</li> </ul> You can filter your search using the search tool to find the magazine you are looking for
  • Chronograph

    Chronograph (4)

    An Airsoft Chronograph is designed to measure the speed of a projectile between two light gates. As they know the distance between these light gates the speed of the projectile can then be calculated - once you have the speed and then the weight of the projectile you can then work out its velocity. This is all calculated for you when you fire a BB through a chrono and it tells you your FPS (Feet Per Second). Most sites will have a site chrono so they can test the weapons of customers. Some players and Techs who are constantly tinkering with their RIFs might like to purchase their own Chronograph so they can test it after servicing or repair.