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Airsoft Wholesale UK stock a wide range of Airsoft Magazines for:

  • AEG – Automatic Electric Guns
  • GBB – Gas Blow Back Guns
  • Spring – Sniper rifles, shotguns
  • Shotgun Shells Style

Airsoft Wholesale UK also stock a wide range of brands including:

  • JG
  • CYMA
  • E&C
  • Tokyo Marui
  • King Arms
  • WE

You can filter your search using the search tool to find the magazine you are looking for

  • AEG Magazines

    AEG Magazines (153)

    AEG's Or Automatic Electric guns can run off a number of magazines dependant on the weapon system they are imitating. These magazines usually fall into three different categories - high capacity, Medium Capacity and Low Capacity (Or real cap). High capacity magazines are normally clockwork style with a reservoir that feeds a mechanism that pushes bbs up into the feeding chamber - this can include drum mags, Medium capacity magazines normally consist of a fixed spring system that pushes the bbs along a track and back into the RIF - these are normally loaded with a speedloader or a loading tool. Low capacity magazines are very similar to medium capacity magazines but with a lower BB count (Normally 5- BBs or less. Real capacity magazines are inline with the weapon system that your RIF is trying to imitate - For example a standard load on an M4 or AR15 would be a 30 round magazine so these airsoft mags would hold no more than 30 BBs on a spring-assisted track.
  • Gas Magazines

    Gas Magazines (108)

    Airsoft gas magazines are normally constructed from metal alloy and consist of a large gas reservoir and a smaller section for BBs that is on spring assisted track. Gas magazines are typically lower capacity (sometimes accurate to the real firearm). Gas magazines do require maintenance and the use of special <a href="">gas</a>'s and <a href="">lubricants </a>to keep them in tip-top working order - For more information check out our consumables section. Airsoft Wholesale UK stocks gas magazines from popular brands such as: <ul> <li>WE</li> <li>PTS</li> <li>GHK</li> <li>Tokyo Marui</li> <li>King Arms</li> <li>ASG</li> <li>HFC</li> <li>E&C</li> </ul>
  • Speed loaders and every thing else

    Speed loaders and every thing else (26)

    Speedloaders are an often overlooked important part of your kit. No one wants to stand there and load 120 bbs by hand! Speedloaders come in a number of styles. The three most popular sizes are Tube (essentially a plastic tube where you fill it with BBs and then use another plastic rod to drive them down the tube and into the magazine), Thumb driven (These are normally held in one hand and can resemble a pistol magazine or sometimes and M4 magazine depending on the capacity. This type of speed loaded has a plunger that is pushed down with the user's thumb to push the BBs into the magazine) and winding (These are normally larger and hold a lot more BBs. They use a crank on the side of the speedloader to turn a wheel and push bbs down into the magazine). This is also where you can find those other airsoft nicknacks that you never knew you needed.
  • Spring Magazines

    Spring Magazines (16)

    Spring magazines are normally low capacity and used in weapon systems like shotguns and sniper rifles. We stock a range of spring magazines including JG, CYMA, Ares, Classic Army and much more