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9.6v NIMH

NiMh Batteries
Whilst these are still an older tech battery (newer than NiCd) they have become the industry standard for Airsoft. Lots of RIFs are supplied with these batteries and they offer a good level of performance when compared to their cost. They are a good option for new players as they are more rugged than LiPo’s and Li-Ion’s and do not require any special circuitry to prevent the battery from failing. The cell voltage is 1.25v so between Alkalines (1.5v) and NiCads (1.2v).

PRO’s – A good starter and all-round battery, high power density, a “Gold Standard” in the Airsoft world, easy to recharge, rugged

CON’s – More expensive than NiCd, the batteries “life” is not as long, self-discharge quickly over time

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Showing all 4 results