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Tactical Equipment

Large Selection of Airsoft and Military Tactical Equipment including Vests, Pouch, slings, Gun bags, Helmets and belts.

  • Assault Vests and Webbing

    Assault Vests and Webbing (54)

    Assault vests and tactical webbing have been used by the military, law enforcement and private military contractors across the globe for over five decades - Whilst the gear has improved with new fittings and high tech materials the principles of carrying equipment has stayed the same. <b><u>What is a plate carrier?</u></b> A plate carrier is a vest that is worn over the body and its primary role is to carry armour - This can be soft armour or harder steel, ceramic or <a href="">dummy/training plates</a>. The purpose of the plates and the carrier are to protect the vitals of the operator. Some plate carriers are designed just to carry plates where others are designed to also take molle attachments like pouches for magazines and other gear. Modular carriers can not only take accessories on the front of the carrier but also on its back. This is where a small modular pack can be attached for use with hydration or to carry items that might be needed in the field (Ammunition, Food, breaching chargers, cans of Monster?) <b><u>What is a chest rig?</u></b> A  <a href="">chest rig</a> is a piece of load-bearing equipment that is worn on the front of the body (on the chest). It can be fixed (all the <a href="">pouches </a>are stitched to the rig and can not be removed or moved) or modular (normally with molle webbing where pouches can be moved or removed depending on the role that the wearer is performing. Chest rigs differ from plate carriers as they are not designed to carry armour (soft or hard plates). Chest rigs are normally used in roles where the operator is based in the field and might need to carry a larger pack to sustain themselves or also in vehicle-based operations.
  • Clothing

    Clothing (35)

  • Eye / Face protection

    Eye / Face protection (75)

    Airsoft Eye protection and face protection at wholesale prices including mesh and fully rated glasses and goggles.
  • Field Gear

    Field Gear (3)

    Field Gear
  • Grips

    Grips (48)

    Grips to mount onto your 20mm Rail, Keymod or Mlok
  • Night Vision and Mounts

    Night Vision and Mounts (17)

    Real and Dummy night vision and mounts at wholesale prices
  • Radios and Head sets

    Radios and Head sets (19)

    Airsoft Radios headsets and all other communication-related items
  • Rails and Mounts

    Rails and Mounts (117)

    Rails mounts and risers  to get 20mm ris rail keymod and MLOK
  • Sights and Scopes

    Sights and Scopes (79)

    Airsoft Sights and scopes.
  • Training Weapons

    Training Weapons (10)

    These rubber/dummy weapons are designed for training and demonstration purposes - Airsofters have recently taken to carrying dummy knives and axes on their kit to emulate the equipment used by the real-world operators. Popular brands of training weapons include: <ul> <li>WBD</li> <li>Cold Stee</li> <li>Oper8</li> <li>MP</li> <li>TMC</li> </ul> Please note that while these training weapons are blunted and constructed from flexible materials they can still cause damage if not used with the correct protective equipment and supervision
  • Slings

    Slings (59)

    Airsoft Slings including 1 point 2 point 3 point for securing airsoft weapons.
  • Pouches

    Pouches (207)

    Airsoft Pouches for various magazine styles and accessories for securing all airsoft equipment via Molle.
  • Belts

    Belts (22)

    Tactical Belts various styles and colours
  • Gun bags and Scabbards

    Gun bags and Scabbards (28)

    Wholesale Gun bags and Scabbards.
  • Helmets / Knee pads

    Helmets / Knee pads (85)

    Tactical Knee pads and Helmets
  • Holsters

    Holsters (81)

    Airsoft Holsters either Fabric or Plastic pistols specific
  • Torch and Illumination

    Torch and Illumination (107)

    Torches and Illumination both hand held and 20mm Ris rail fitting with or without pressure pads.