What is Airsoft?

Airsoft (at its core) is an honour based, combat sport where participants use pneumatic, spring or gas-powered replica weapons to fire 6mm plastic ball bearings at each other with the goal of removing another player from the game and sending them back to a spawn point. When asked to explain the sport, players will often compare it to “paintball but without the paint” or “Call of Duty but in real life”.

Airsoft has many different offshoots such as MilSim (Military Simulation), Speedsoft, Weekend Skirmish, Roleplay, LARP and post-apocalyptic to name a few – Most of these groups still have Airsoft or the use of Airsoft replicas at their core – some other sports and hobbies  that are compared to airsoft are paintball, Tag Archery, Lazer tag and Nerf.