Customer Spotlight: 308 Sniper Airsoft

In our customer spotlight series we like to take some time and meet with one of our customers to shed some more light on their business – Who are they? Why do they do what they do? and How?

We met with Elliot, Chris, Lindsey and Eloise (left to right) from 308 Sniper Airsoft to find out a bit more about this airsoft family and what makes their Kent based business tick.

So what got you into Airsoft?
We started with Military clothing and doing events every weekend from Chatham dockyards to War and Peace. Because of this we had a lot of customers asking for airsoft products after we started noticing demand. We seamlessly had a visit from a well known rep and there it started we purchased our first order direct and boom the rest is history. 

Who is the better player at your shop?
Elliot without a doubt, he has played since he was 9 he is now 13 and can hold his own at most places he plays, he can often be seen in the killhouse playing in his crocs

What is your favourite thing about airsoft?
The Community and the players, which is why we opened the airsoft café to have that airsoft community in the heart of our business.

What would you like to see change/improve in airsoft?
Where do I start? As with any sport I guess the biggest change we would love to see is an end to haters. Unfortunately, every Facebook page and site has one… that one keyboard warrior that spoils someone’s day. Apart from that Lins would love to see more female players in the sport and on the field.

What made you decide to open your Shop?
To support our family, Elliot was in and out of hospital as a baby so impossible for Lins to get a 9-5 so we opened the shop to expand and give us a base to support the shows and events.

Is this your first location or have you moved shops?
This is our third location now. We have moved up the high street starting with a 800 sqft shop moving to a larger 1500 sqft shop and now the latest shop/site is just over 8500 sqft 4000 sqft of killhouse and 3500 sqft of café and airsoft shop

What are the popular brands at your store?
Too many to name, that’s the good thing about airsoft! Loads of choice but we stock all the main brands Arthurian Airsoft, JG, TM, Valken, Emerson, Viper, Kombat, CYMA, G&G, FBS and many more! 

What’s hot at the moment?
Me! joking aside its been a funny year and sales have changed massively due to the lack of play so upgrades have been strong. The pistol of the moment seems to be the Mk2 ruger (a great sniper side arm). Grenade launchers of all types have sold well this year, for rifle the Arthurian Airsoft Crimson has been a popular choice, BB’s the Valken Infinity are the top sellers. The top selling mags at the moment have to be the PTS EPM Ones mag – people are going mad for them, but with 250 rounds in a mid cap… who can blame them!

Is there anything that has just come onto the market that you think it’s going to be HOT?
Me again lol! No I think there are lots of new products in the pipeline. Valken’s new AEG’s look like a great step up, G&G look like they have some more great stuff coming. But with no Shot Show or IWA this year is difficult to get a feel for what is coming this year!

Is there anything that has come onto the market that’s made you think “what the!?”
Many, but you know one mans rubbish is another mans treasure so it goes to show how diverse airsoft is and how many people is caters for.

What are the plans for you in the future?
Well just to hopefully continue the growth and build on the indoor site we have. Once lockdown finishes we have loads of new features to the killhouse to show off and attacksense have made loads of updates to the shooting range. We have extended the Café menu so the future for the local community will be good. We will continue to look for new brands and products to stock and will continue to build and grow!

If people want to know more, how can people find you?
They can find us at email us at call us on 01634 921278 or visit (click and collect only until restrictions finish) at 308sniper, Rear of Featherstone House, 369-377 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1DA.