Customer Spotlight: Thornex Tactical

We like to take some time and meet get to know our customers a little better. We want to shed some more light on their business – Who are the people behind the companies? How did they get involved in this mad industry?

We caught up with Matt Thorne from Thornex Tactical to find out a bit more about his family run, online, tactical clothing and equipment store.

So what got you into Airsoft?
I discovered a woodland site whilst out walking many years ago . When I got home I researched it and found out about the sport. I ended up wasting my money on a springer g3a3  until I was guided in the right direction from friends at my work and attended my first game at Urban Assault in Peterborough. The rest is history .

Who is the better player at your shop?
As we are a family business and I’m the only one who plays airsoft I guess I am!

What is your favourite thing about airsoft?
The best thing for me is the way the sport has evolved over the last 18 years I’ve been playing . The community and popularity of the sport has allowed it to grow and cater for a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether  you are into hardcore milsim , reenactment or general skirmishes at your local site, its accessible for everyone caters for most tastes.

What would you like to see change/improve in airsoft?
I would like to see the continued rise of the  profile of the sport in the public domain. More people that get into it, the more sites that can open and it helps the hardworking people in this industry.

What made you decide to open your Shop?
Having been an airsofter for many years we wanted  to put our passion into good use. Our idea is to make quality clothing and tactical equipment more accessible to the UK market . We are currently developing ideas to expand our business and bring new products to the market (watch this space!).

What are the popular brands at your store?
Emerson Gear is our best selling brand as their clothing is fantastic value for money and they make a great range of gear. Notch hats are really popular in the warmer months too.

What’s hot at the moment?
Anything Multicam Tropic, it’s been our most popular colour this year and personally one of our favourites.

Do you have any plans to bring new items into your store?
Being a relatively new business we are looking to build our range and add new items. We are regularly reviewing new products to bring in but if someone wants a particular item they can drop us a message and we will always try and source it.

Is there anything that has come onto the market that’s made you think “what the!?”
Yes but I know better than to broadcast it on social media 🤣

What are the plans for you in the future?
We are currently developing our own products which we hope to bring to market within the next year. Whilst we are keeping these close to our chest we are really excited about them and believe it will offer airsofters something a little different – Very exciting!

If people want to know more, how can people find you?
Follow us on Facebook or Instagram,  just search for Thornex Tactical.  Alternatively on our website