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FPS Softair High performance grease set for gears, bushings, cylinders, piston heads, hop up and o-rings

This set consists of:

1) High performance grease based on complex calcium sulfonate soaps, specially designed for gears and bushings (GR01).
Product added to ensure:

– Excellent lubrication at high rotation speeds
– Resistance to large workloads
– Corrosion protection of treated surfaces
– Excellent resistance to water
– Very fast response time to sudden mechanical stress

2) High-performance lubricant with a high concentration pure PTFE (GR02).
Product added to ensure:

– Very low coefficient of friction between metal and rubber
– Adhesion to treated surfaces to ensure lasting protection over time
– Chemical inertia with almost all commercial elastomers (not with EPDM)
– High resistance to drip
– Very fast response to sudden mechanical stress

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