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FMA Rattler Compact II Hands Free Light Black / Dark Earth

FMA launches new second-generation compact sidewinder survival light, bringing perfect functionality and performance to users. It is made of high-quality nylon polymer material, which provides excellent waterproof and impact resistance, making it safe and reliable to use in various complex environments and conditions. It offers two flashing modes, four light-
ing options, and four brightness levels to cater to different needs and task environments. The white LED provides light for daily illumination or marking, the blue LED serves as a light source for rescue or personnel identification due to its wavelength characteristics, the red LED offers light in low-light conditions, and the IR LED can provide close-range illumination or long-distance marking under night vision equipment conditions. All four light sources can be set to flash or stay on continuously, and users can choose any of the four levels according to their specific light intensity requirements. The most remarkable feature of this lamp is that it only has two movable switches, both located in the same position. This is an extreme-
ly robust design considering its compact size and weight.

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