Last update: 28th Jan 2022

Next update: 31st Jan 2022

We have just launched our new website all though its nearly there and in a working position there is still a lot of work to complete.

Don’t worry we know it might be annoying but hopefully, by the middle of next week, we will be in a good position.

Known Faults / Bugs / Changes

  • Category images not showing ETA completion 31/01/22
  • Out of stock products shown in the banners / suggested products.
  • Some Products not showing out of stock till adding to basket ETA completion 31/01/22
  • Product Filtering and search issues ETA completion 01/02/22
  • Back in stock page – This will self populate over the next week as we add restocks
  • Design alignment some images showing incorrect locations in some browsers ETA completion 04/02/22
  • Website Speed – Will be resolved once website is complete
  • Credit Customers not able to view Due date on invoices.
  • Product compress into varable products example clothing so 1 product for all sizes ETA completion over the next few weeks.
  • Remove Old stock product / Discontinued
  • Mobile view hard to navigate