The “C” word… COVID-19 – What can we do to protect ourselves and others at games and events?

With all the talk of the dreaded COVID-19 in the news, a lot of site owners and player alike are asking “What can we do to protect ourselves?”. Sites are still running and players want to keep playing so here are some tips for keeping yourself and others around you protected in these crazy times.

If you feel like poo, Don’t go and Pew:
I think this is the most important one. In line with the current government guidelines if you are feeling under the weather or if you are showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus then you should avoid contact with others and STAY AT HOME. There is no point in “Man-ing up” as this is going to put others at risk and they may have friends or family who are in the high-risk bracket. Don’t risk it – If you feel ill, STAY AT HOME

Check with the site:
It’s a good idea to check with the site before you even pack your RIF the night before. Although the majority of sites are still running (some with extra precaution and or limited numbers) it is a good idea to make sure that the event that you are planning to attend is still running and also if the site owner is advising any additional measures or precautions – for example, they may no longer be serving food or drink. This is important info as that will then mean you will need to bring your own.

Adapt your Kit:
Its time to take a look at your kit and add a few little extras to help protect your self and those around you. Some items you might like to consider carrying on your person or in your kitbag:

– Hand Sanitising Gel
– Surgical Gloves 
– Anti-bacterial Hand Soap
– Anti-bacterial wipes 
– Disinfectant Spray

It may seem a little over the top but these could help you protect yourself and do not take up much room. The disinfectant spray will be useful to wipe down any surfaces you are using to prep your gear or even before you have something to eat. Some players have even been seen wearing marks and respirators – This, of course, is all down to the individual.

Physical Contact:
In line with the government’s guidelines, this should be kept to an absolute minimum – This includes handshaking, hugging, fist-bumping and kissing (if that is how your choose to greet other players or site owners!) – It’s not being rude you are just doing your bit!

Disinfect your Kit:
This could be before and/or after – Players are advised to wipe down their equipment, especially anything that has come into contact with other players, mouth or nose or anything that has a hard surface that the virus can live on. This would include Facemask or Helmets, Clips and buckles on Body Armour, RIFs and Pistols, Eye Protection and hard-knuckled gloves. Fabrics should then be washed to make sure they are virus-free after the game/event – Please see the UK Gov website for guidelines of correct disinfecting procedures. 

For more information on what can be done to protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19 please visit