Customer Spotlight: Bomb Up Airsoft

Matt Customer Spotlight: Bomb Up Airsoft (Warrington)

Every month we like to take some time and meet with one of our customers to shed some more light on their business. This month we met with Laura and Matt from Bomb Up Airsoft to find out a bit more about them and what makes them and their business “Tick” excuse the pun!

So what got you guys into Airsoft?
Matt was introduced to airsoft by a friend and instantly loved it, quickly becoming an airsoft obsessed man child, but started off, as we all do, with all the gear and no idea!

Who is the better player? (My money is on Laura!)
I’d love to say it’s me however I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and that, combined with my love of talking, often sees me walking to the spawn point and back with any dead player just so I can chat 😊 also Matt has a lot more experience of playing than I do so that must count for something!

What is your favourite thing about airsoft?
Without a doubt, our favourite thing is the community. We both come from a corporate background and the equality and acceptance in the airsoft community warms our hearts. We have two disabled children, one of which is autistic, and we are lucky enough to have quite a few customers who also have autism and seeing how they have been accepted into the community is really special to us.

What would you like to see change/improve in airsoft?
No more politics! I genuinely can’t stress enough how much I hate politics in airsoft. There’s no need for it. If you are involved in the sport then you should want to grow it and encourage new players into the sport. We don’t see the need for politics, we are happy to work with anyone and everyone to grow and evolve the sport that means so much to us.

What made you decide to open a Bomb Up Airsoft?
A few years ago Matt lost his brother to Cystic Fibrosis. This was a really difficult time for all of us and especially for Matt as the loss of his brother, combined with life, resulted in him having a breakdown. I know this sounds like a sad story but we prefer to see it as happy because it taught us that life is too short to spend your time doing something you don’t enjoy – that’s why we decided to start Bomb Up and spend our lives concentrating on something we love.

Is this your first location or have you moved shops?
We started on a desk in the corner of our son’s bedroom. We quickly realised that we needed more space and moved into an office. From there we decided that we preferred face to face, giving the customers the experience to handle products before purchasing them so we opened a little shop on an industrial estate in Runcorn. After 6 months we had outgrown the shop so moved over the road to a double unit. We stayed there for a couple of years. We decided that we would prefer a more prominent location and moved to our new shop in October last year. We intend to stay here for the foreseeable future, but keep an eye out because we are currently working on our next steps 😊

What are the popular brands at Bomb Up?
Our current favourite brands are Arthurian (of course), VFC, ASG and Clawgear. We do sell many more brands than this but these are our current focus.

What’s hot at the moment?
The Arthurian and VFCs are selling particularly well for us. It’s difficult to pinpoint one product as it’s all personal preference, however, a favourite for us is the new Armorer Works Deadpool pistol which we now have in stock!

Is there anything that has just come onto the market that you think it’s going to be HOT?
It’s difficult to tell. I reckon the Deadpool pistol will sell well. The Blade Mac 11’s are also really cool.

Is there anything that has come onto the market that’s made you think “what the!?”
All the time haha. Like I said it’s all personal preference. There are plenty of products that we love but also plenty that makes us wonder if the creator was immediately fired!

What are the plans for BombUp in the future?
Aha! Top secret 😊 we are currently working on some super secret stuff but I will inform you about our plans as soon as I am able to!

If people want to know more, how can people find you guys?

You can:

Pop into the shop – The Stables, Erwood Street, Warrington, WA2 7NW

Call us – 0800 131 3012

Email us

or find us on any of the following links:

Bomb Up Website

Bomb Up Facebook

Bomb Up Instagram