Customer Spotlight: Airsoft Annonymous

Every month we like to take some time and meet with one of our customers to shed some more light on their business. This month we met with Jenni and Kirk from Airsoft Anonymous to find out a bit more about them and what makes them and their business tick.

So what got you guys into Airsoft?
Airsoft is a great stress relief.  Kirk got into airsoft while Jenni was going through cancer treatment so it was a nice escape from day to day life.  Now Jenni is in recovery she’s getting the chance to play and is already hooked.

Who is the better player?

Kirk has more experience so is definitely the better player but Jenni definitely holds her own.

What is your favourite thing about airsoft?
GUNS.  GUNS ARE COOL.  Shooting people is fun.  Aside from that the social aspect and friends we’ve made are priceless.

What would you like to see change/improve in airsoft?
More player integrity, for the sport to lose the stigma surrounding it and for it to grow, become more mainstream.

What made you decide to open Airsoft Anonymous?
Kirk has worked as a tech for a while now so it was a natural progression.  Jenni has a lot of experience in running businesses and has a strong background in sales, marketing, web development.  We both needed a new challenge and we wanted to be our own bosses.  Basingstoke has a number of airsoft players and didn’t have an airsoft shop so there was an obvious gap in the market.

Is this your first location or have you moved shops?
This is our first location, we love it.  It’s dog-friendly so we can bring our puppy to work with us, it was one of the deciding factors for us.  We’re surrounded by so many other businesses so the centre has a decent footfall.  We have We Buy Any Car next door so anyone who doesn’t pass credit checks to purchase an expensive gun has got the option of selling their car next door!  One door down is an awesome tattoo shop, guns and tattoos just work.  We plan to do some events together next year as the centre is quieter on weekends with the majority of businesses here opening Monday-Friday.

What are the popular brands at Airsoft Anonymous?
TM’s are always popular, great out of the box, outstanding when upgraded.  LayLax upgrade parts are obviously popular too.  G&G and Delta Armory are selling well as solid, reliable guns straight out of the box.  We’re seeing an influx of new players, partly due to first-person shooting games so these are the brands we recommend.  Steel Alive, Wiley X and GSCI are all selling well.

What’s hot at the moment?

Target systems are being introduced at a lot of sites and shops.  We offer Steel Alive which

is produced in Poland and is starting to gain traction here in the UK.  It’s such a robust

system which can be used with airsoft guns and even real steel!  It’s used for training by the

military and police forces with various training scenarios.   The game modes are a lot of fun,

with 2 player games and global leader boards.  We have players coming in regularly to book

the range, we call it the airsoft arcade!  Night vision from GSCI in Canada is a new brand for

us but is proving popular as their products are military-grade and ITAR free so can be

exported.  Night vision, on the whole, is expensive but you get what you pay for.  Serious

airsoft players want to take gameplay to the next level and night vision/thermal imaging is

becoming more popular with milsim players.

Is there anything that has just come onto the market that you think it’s going to be HOT?

The hotly anticipated TM MK46 has created a lot of excitement.  Despite the price tag people

are placing pre-orders.  There are a number of bloggers and review sites wanting to be the

first to get their hands on these to review.

Is there anything that has come onto the market that’s made you think “what the!?” 

Some of the hybrid builds often leave the community puzzled and create great debates on

social media but why not be different?  We all have different tastes.  We enjoy pushing

technology to new levels and are often in awe of how people are always striving to push

technologies to new levels and what they achieve.

What are the plans for Airsoft Anonymous in the future?

We’re constantly expanding the ranges and products we offer and eventually we’re going to

need bigger premises.  We’ve got a number of other plans that we’re keeping under our hats

for the moment.  We’re bouncing around some crazy ideas with our partners over at War

Chimp so watch this space! 

If people want to know more, how can people find you guys?

There’s our website with instant chat function which is popular, airsoft players like instant

answers to their questions and with the chat app phones, we can offer the responsiveness

that they’re after even out of business hours.  Our email is

01256 406641, through Facebook, Instagram and obviously dropping into the shop!