AEP Magazine Pouch Insert - 6 Shooters

Fits in most pistol mag pouches
Holds two AEP magazines
fits various sizes
3D printed in PLA

The 3D printed AEP magazine pouch insert by 6 Shooters Airsoft allow you to hold two short AEP magazines inside of a standard pistol magazine pouch. There are two slots on the top, one for each magazine, and soft hook and loop on the inside of each pocket to help with tolerances between different brands and models.

When installing them into your pistol magazine pouch, they can be quite tight to ensure they don’t bounce around but have been tested with Viper, Tasmanian Tiger and 5.11 Tactical pistol magazine pouches.

At the base on the inside, they are tapered to ensure the magazine feed lips aren’t pressed releasing all the BB's.

AEP Magazine Pouch Insert - 6 Shooters by 6 Shooters airsoft

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