6 Shooters Spring Loaded H8R Disk Pouch

A great addition to any H8R Revolver set up. The 6 Shooters Disk Holder can hold up to four H8R disks in this spring loaded ejecting pouch. To load the disks, you simply pull the base down on the spring and feed each disk into the holder using the long central screw to keep them central and stabilised.

Once you’ve loaded the four disks all you need to do to eject them is press down and slide the disk forward and load it into the revolver.
The back of the holder has an IMI mounting bracket so you can attach it onto any Cytac, Amomax or Nuprol holster platforms allowing compatibility with belt, molle and drop leg platforms to suit any tactical loadout.
With the IMI bracket, you can rotate the H8R disk pouch a full 360 degrees for the best angle to suit your needs.~
This set also includes an M6 screw and nut which is for mounting to the IMI based platforms.

We recommend using a little bit of silicone on the spring if it gets sticky.

  • Holds four H8R revolver disks
  • Spring loaded
  • Extended lip for extra retention
  • 3D Printed with matte black PLA
  • Compatible with Cytac, Amomax & Nuprol mounts

6 Shooters Spring Loaded H8R Disk Pouch by 6 Shooters airsoft

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