6 Shooters Hexshot V2 For Chiappa Rhino (High Power)

Next in the line of the 6 Shooters Airsoft Hexshot series is the Chiappa Rhino. This High Power Hexshot allows you to maximise the full potential of your Chiappa Rhino with a matching FPS to the original shells.

The main body of the is still a strong, solid plastic, but the tips are made from a hard rubber material to hugely increase air seal and consistency compared to the V1.

The BB's simply press fit into the ends of each shell and will stay in place without fear of losing the BBs when travelling.

The High Power version fires at approximately 325 FPS when tested with a fresh Crosman CO2 bulb on 0.20g  BBs. It gives you a consistent FPS and a great air seal to ensure you never lose any power and have as minimal inconsistency as possible.

They are tested on a Chiappa Rhino made for the UK market so may read higher if your model is imported from America. Each Hexshot is tested for quality before leaving the workshop.


  • Hard rubber BB retention
  • Improved air seal and consistency
  • Keeps FPS true to original specifications
  • Base Printed with PLA
  • Heads printed with TPU A95

6 Shooters Hexshot V2 For Chiappa Rhino (High Power)

  • Brand: 6 Shooters airsoft
  • Product Code: 6SA-RH-HEX-HP
  • Product ref : 6SA-RH-HEX-HP

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