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5x Cloud 9 60 Second Friction Smoke Grenade

The Cloud9 original smoke grenade is a premium, high volume smoke output device that offers some of the thickest coverage on the market to date. It provides dense cover with a huge volume of up to 125 cubic metres to give its users the ultimate camouflage in the Airsoft and Paintball arena.

The grenade is very easy to use - Cloud9 have made the product very reliable by removing any fancy bells and whistles in favour of a traditional striker ignition. These grenades also c
omes with an 'emergency striker' built into the side of the grenade if the initial one should be lost or become damaged - Failure is not an option!!

How to use the grenade:
- Remove the silver safety cap
- Retail the cap in your hand and place the striker tab onto the fuse of the grenade
- Holding the grenade and striker away from your body, strike away to ignite
- Give the grenade 2 or 3 seconds to start bellowing smoke
- Thow the grenade into the area you wish to deploy it

All of our smoke grenades are:
- Low toxicity
- Fully tested by an accredited laboratory
- Easy to use
- Lightweight
- Available in a range of colours

These products are also available in a bulk carton of 50 - 
50x Cloud 9 60 Second Friction Smoke Grenade

Due to limited stock, we are unable to pick or mix colours 

5x Cloud 9 60 Second Friction Smoke Grenade

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