5 Essential Things you should have in your Airsoft Kit Bag

There is always so much stuff to take to an airsoft game – even if you are going to a Sunday Skirmish you need to remember to take guns, slings, magazines, BB’s, gas, sidearm, magazines for the sidearm, back up gun – The list goes on! We have put together a list of the 5 Essential Things you should have in your Airsoft Kit Bag to keep you in the fight.

Nextorch Ul10 Compact Multi-purpose Clip Light
This is a must have for playing in the evening or at night but we would also recommend to take this with you for day games as well. You never know when you might need a torch, Especially if you decided to do some last minute maintenance to your rifle and that pesky pin has just fallen out under the table or down that rabbit hole in a woodland game. We chose the Nextorch Ul10 Compact Multi-purpose Clip Light as its small, compact and lightweight. It takes 2x AAA batteries (very easy to get from any shop and most airsoft site shops as well) and features three light modes – High mode emitting 65 lumens of white light in a beam of up to 18m – bright enough for navigating through buildings or map reading. Low mode give you a 7 lumen light source for up to 40 hours on one set of batteries and the final mode SOS signals in morse code (lets hope you never need this mode!). The Nextorch also features a detachable clip system that allows you to attached it to the peak of your cap, the strap of your rucksack or even your MOLLE webbing – this frees up your hands and enables you to concentrate on the task rather than holding a flashlight!

GHK Silicone Oil Dropper 30ml
It’s something that some players neglect – Like it or not your Gas Blowback Pistols and Rifles need lubrication and regular maintenance. We have chosen the GHK Silicone Oil Dropper as its compact enough to drop into any side pocket on your rucksack but has enough lubricant (30ml) so you wont need to keep replacing it every week. The special formula produced by GHK is designed to work remain viscous at low temperatures as well as high pressures. This lubricant also helps prevent corrosion by repelling moisture and is resistant to freezing. The bottle features a snap shut lid to makes sure that there are no spillages inside your kit bag (there is nothing worse than an oil leak!) and is cleverly built into the bottle top to prevent it getting lost.

PPS Steel Valve Key Tool
Connected to the GHK lubricant above is our next item – The PPS Steel Valve Key. This key is a must have for any player using a gas blowback pistol or rifle. This three headed tool features keys for inlet/fill, exhaust and CO2 valves. The key can be used to tighten or remove valves from gas magazines – This will then enable you to lubricate the seals with the GHK lubricant and put a stop to any leaks.

Magazine Shape 155rd Speed Bb Speed Loader
Nothing is worse than having to load your six, 120 round mid caps by hand – 720 rounds or mind numbing boredom! The Magazine Shape 155rd Speed Bb Speed Loader allows you fill your magazines quickly and easily. The compact size of the loader means that you can not only carry this in your kit bag but you can also put this inside a mag pouch or a utility pouch and carry it with you on the field. To fill the BB loader simply open the small trapped door at the top, fill with your chosen weight of ammo and then use the plunger to push the BB’s into your AEG or gas blowback pistol or rifle magazine – there are also a number of attachments that can be fitted to help you fill specific types of magazine. The loader comes with a pistol adaptor, however you can also get other type like the GHK Adaptor Mag Adaptor

Simple Voltage Display 1-6s Lipo Voltage Meter
If you are using an AEG you may have decided to make the move from NiMH to Lipo Batteries – If you have then you will know that you need to take care of your lipo batteries and unlike their NiMH brethren they can not be run to empty. The Simple Voltage Display is just slightly bigger than a two pound coin and will fit easily into your kit bag – The Voltage display will enable you to monitor the voltage of not only your lipo battery as a whole but also each cell of the lipo pack. Simply plug the checker into the balance lead of your lipo and the clear (3 digit) display will give you a clear readout of the voltages as well as an audible bleep.